Engaged Students

Research says that engaged students learn best, and the ICG believes that the most engaging curriculum is built around the values and aspirations of schools, who best know how to meet the needs and interests of their own students. The ICG believes that schools are first and foremost for students.

Motivated Teachers

Responsive, student-centered school cultures allow teachers to be coaches and entrepreneurs rather than custodians and to design courses and assessments that make the best use of resources in the school community and the wider world. Teaching in our time is above all a learning profession.

Purposeful Schools

Twenty-first century education is a dynamic process. As globalization and information technology transform the world, schools must be equipped with the ideas and the expertise to prepare students to meet the challenges they will face—challenges not just of skills and knowledge but of character and purpose.

Connected Educators

In our time no educator should be working alone, and the ICG believes that teachers who connect through shared professional conversations and learning experiences will be leaders in the evolution not only of their own areas of practice but of the culture of learning in all schools, for all students.

The ICG Paradigm: Connect * Learn * Evolve

Who We Are & What We Believe

The Independent Curriculum Group represents educators and schools across the United States who share a belief that the most effective and authentic curricula and assessments are those created by teachers in schools to support the learning of students based on teacher goals, school missions, and the needs of actual students. We believe that rigorous, in-depth learning and high-level skill development can be facilitated and measured by capable teachers working in school environments dedicated to teacher growth as a continuous and optimistic process and where innovative ideas and practices are embraced by administrators, teachers, families, and students alike.

The Independent Curriculum Group believes in putting students at the center of the education process. We believe in the immortal legacy of educational giants like Maria Montessori, John Dewey, and Theodore Sizer. With our own heritage as part of a movement of leading secondary schools that emphasize site-based, teacher-generated curriculum, we are dedicated to the idea that students in all courses at all levels will thrive most in educational cultures based on the exploration and implementation of the best of both established and innovative educational practice. As we learn ever more about the nature of learning and of child and adolescent development, we believe that schools must develop the capacity and expand their own freedom to incorporate new knowledge that benefits all students.

The Independent Curriculum Group believes that students retain more knowledge, probe more deeply, and have more motivation when they are active creators rather than passive recipients of information. Students who graduate from schools sharing the ICG’s beliefs attend the nation’s best colleges and excel by every measure of academic achievement, including standardized tests.

The Independent Curriculum Group exists not just to express its beliefs but to support them through programming, school and teacher services, and thought leadership that helps educators and schools enact these beliefs to the highest possible degree. Experience has shown that students who graduate from schools sharing the ICG’s beliefs and values attend the nation’s best colleges and excel by every measure of academic achievement, including standardized tests.

“Our classes are not so much about the transfer of knowledge, but about students constructing knowledge for themselves.”

Mark Salkind, Head of School
The Urban School of San Francisco

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