URGENCIES, IMPERATIVES—AND IDEAS: CURRICULUM 2017 at Poughkeepsie Day School, April 7

January 30, 2017

Poughkeepsie Day School and the Independent Curriculum Group present CURRICULUM 2017: URGENCIES, IMPERATIVES—AND IDEAS. In response to the uncertain times in which we are living, this event is designed to both mobilize educators at their most creative and to build a new and active collaborative relationship among teachers at multiple schools. Our working premise is that in these days educators must take stock, call upon their most creative selves, and above all work together to create learning experiences and environments that will prepare pupils for the world ahead.

Rather than just a series of workshops and keynotes, CURRICULUM 2017 will begin with a call to action and then ask participants to join a working group to discuss themes and paths forward related to the following “big topics”:

  • IN, OF, AND FOR THE WORLD. Our schools’ missions speak of “active” and “engaged” “citizens of the world.” What do terms like “the world” and “global” mean now, and how do we keep our focus on the welfare and worth of the entire planet and its people? How do we engage across frontiers of culture, language, perspective, prosperity, and faith?
  • TRUTHS AND FALSEHOODS. Our schools’ missions speak of “critical thinking” and “integrity.” How do ideas and the imagination help us establish and explore the nature and meaning of truth? What does it mean to think critically and uphold one’s ideas and values in 2017?
  • STEAMING FORWARD. Our schools’ missions speak of “creativity, ”“sustainability,” and “innovation.” How do we bring ourselves and our students’ understanding to a meaningful confluence of science, technology, imagination, and culture, and where do we place this focus in our teaching?

These working groups will come together twice to discuss common issues, and in the end each will make a presentation to the full body on their conclusions, continuing questions, and the paths forward that they have begun to design. We will also provide each group with resources to support future connection and collaboration.

The real learning at CURRICULUM 2017 will take place from poster presentations to be made by each participant or by participant teams from each school. In two highly interactive Poster Sessions, similar to those featured at scientific conferences, participants will have a chance to share the best ideas or practices or their particular approaches to pedagogical and curricular challenges—anything from a great unit or module in a course to a teaching methodology to a school or divisional issue like scheduling or assessment.

We are inviting you and your school to send yourself and your best—your most energized, creative, and thoughtful teachers—to CURRICULUM 2017, where we hope to lay the foundation for what will truly be a new culture of learning in the Independent Curriculum Group’s community of schools. Details on registration can be found HERE, and further details on the Poster Session concept (and a link to more on the Poster Session concept and the ICG Poster template for those who wish to use it) can be found HERE.

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