The ICG Podcasts

Click HERE to learn more about the Independent Curriculum Group‘s podcast series and how you can become a part of the listener and perhaps even the contributor community!

Webinars: Our Online Archive

Click HERE to see the complete list of archived Independent Curriculum Group webinars on topics ranging from school schedules to professional learning to outstanding examples of independent curriculum. ICG webinars in our archive are free to view and free for use under Creative Commons CC BY-SA: Attribution Share-Alike.

Professional Learning

Our resources include access to expert teachers from scores of schools, and the Independent Curriculum Group can help your school create targeted professional learning experiences that can take faculties to new levels of expertise and confidence in areas such as

  • Induction and support of teachers new to the profession and new to your school
  • Specific practices in 21st-century curriculum and assessment, from design thinking to differentiated instruction to coding
  • Basic aspects of teaching and teacher-leadership
  • Professional development program design and structure

In addition, we work hard to provide events and other opportunities that support specific academic leadership and middle management functions—deans, curriculum coordinators, department and division leaders—and teachers at all career stages.

Please contact us to discuss your school’s or your own professional learning needs and goals.

Strategic Support

From its founding, the Independent Curriculum Group has existed to assist schools in making and implementing strategic decisions around curriculum and assessment, providing the resources, know-how, and above all the experience to guide school leaders in these areas:

  • Strategic thinking and prioritization around curriculum and pedagogical practice
  • Making the case for innovative and mission-driven educational programming
  • Developing structures that support both teachers and students to achieve strategic goals.
  • Framing communication and discourse on innovative educational practice to connect with key internal and external audiences

We can also support a school’s advancement functions—admission, marketing and communications, and development—in identifying and telling compelling stories of the promise and impact strategic initiatives in curriculum and pedagogy.

Please contact us to discuss your school’s strategic goals and needs in curriculum, assessment, and pedagogy.

Other Things We Do

EVENTS: The ICG committed to the development of events that introduce educators to important ideas and practices in an intentional culture characterized by exciting, high-level discourse, a shared commitment to problem-identification and problem-solving, and an atmosphere of mutual respect and unanxious expectation. As educators we strive to make all of our offerings learner-centered, experiential, and above all humane and supportive, modeling for participants the kind of practice that we believe in and endorse. See our EVENTS member page for upcoming ICG events or contact us about your ideas for events that Independent Curriculum Group might organize.

EDUCATOR EXPERTS: The ICG Educator Expert Program is based on the premise that someone in our ICG community knows something about the new challenge or issue facing your school. Teachers, administrators, and staff from our Partner community who have defined expertise in particular areas are available as possible matches to help you address your challenges and issues as consultants and sounding boards, even visiting your campus if necessary. Details of the ICG Educator Expert Program and Expert consulting rates can be found HERE. (If you would like to nominate yourself or another member of the ICG Partner community as an Educator Expert, please either make nominations online HERE or complete THIS FORM and send it on to the ICG Office.

TEACHING AS A CAREER: ICG executive director Peter Gow is nationally renowned for his writing on independent school teaching, and he is happy to consult with individuals at no charge as they contemplate next steps in their own careers. The ICG can also help schools develop protocols for every aspect of an effective, mission-informed recruitment, hiring, and orientation program. Please contact us with your questions about your personal career goals or how we can help your school adopt best practices in recruitment and hiring.

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