September 7, 2016

By the end of this week just about all of our 144 (and counting) Independent Curriculum Group schools around the world will have embarked on their 2016–17 school year. As a consortium that counts the numbers of its engaged schools and organizations as its greatest asset and greatest strength, the ICG of today is larger than it has ever been at any time, and we thank those who have elected to become a part of our community for their support and their very presence.

Our Partner list is astonishing: so many different kinds of schools in so many different places serving such different kids. While “independent curriculum” is built around mission and strategic aims, it is built first and foremost around kids—their interests, their needs, their capacities, and their requirements. That so many schools are recognizing that no “one size fits all” curriculum or system of assessment can truly suit every kind of student is a tribute to the work educators are doing to explore and share new ideas and new practices, and the ICG is proud to be a part of this process. Independent curriculum isn’t just the name of an  organization, it’s a movement!

The other day a friend drew a distinction for us between “schoolmastering” and teaching. Schoolmasters, he said, strive to serve the interests of their institutions, while teachers address students’ interests and needs. We offer this as a nice distillation of what teaching an independent curriculum can be and can mean.

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