May 9, 2017

With over 160 Partner Schools and Organizations in the ICG community, “big” is the word of the year. For 2017–18 we’re expanding key programs to further fulfill our mission as an organization devoted to the exchange of ideas, questions, and resources.

THE INDEPENDENT CURRICULUM IN PRACTICE SURVEY: All 2017–18 Partner Schools in will be asked to participate in a comprehensive survey that will collect not only basic information about the school but will focus specifically on ways in which the school is embracing and implementing the ICG’s Principles of Independent Curriculum—areas in which the school is working to create mission-aligned learning experiences and environments designed specifically to serve their own student bodies. Open to all schools in the Partner community, this survey will become a key tool for identifying schools with common interests and concerns and helping them share ideas, solutions, and resources with one another.

PARTNER PODCAST SERIES: We’re also expanding the Independent Curriculum podcast through a weekly Partner Podcast, in which ICG executive director Peter Gow will interview leaders and designated change agents at Partner Schools about their work. Not only will the Partner Podcast Series generate great audio content, but each podcast will be accompanied upon release by a written—tagged and linked—summary of content that other schools and educators will find useful.

We will also be expanding our presence at conferences, presenting where we can and working hard to be a part of the conversation wherever educators from any kinds of schools get together. Our Principles speak not only to “curriculum” in the narrow classroom sense but to the whole culture of schools and learning, and we are looking at new ways to embrace wellness, mindfulness, social justice, and anti-racism as we carry out our mission.

Stay tuned for an even bigger, better Independent Curriculum Group. And check out our blog for E.D. Peter Gow’s compelling explication of our new tagline, “INNOVATIVE BY DEFINITION.”

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