April 25, 2016

Schools have questions. This is the number one lesson the Independent Curriculum Group has learned over the years.

But we also know that schools have answers, and that expertise on issues ranging from curriculum to pedagogy to schedule to teacher training to school culture is widely distributed with the education community at large—and the Independent Curriculum Group community of over 130 schools and organizations contains some of the very best. That’s why the ICG has begun the EDUCATOR EXPERT PROGRAM, or ICG EEP.

The idea behind the ICG EEP is simple: match resources, in the persons of Educator Experts from schools within our consortium to the needs expressed by other schools. For example, a while back we received a call from a school looking for someone who could help them do an evaluation and needs assessment for its K-12 English program. We looked through our database and correspondence and found someone we believes has the expertise to help, and we connected the school with this resource. This is something we have done occasionally over the years, but the ICG Educator Expert Program puts a system behind meeting the need.

In March we sent a message to all the ICG’s Partner School and Organization heads, asking them to nominate members of their own faculties and staffs to be part of the ICG Educator Expert database. (You can follow this link to find the EEP Nomination form.) We continue to call on our Partners to nominate Educator Experts so that we can build up a diverse and robust database.

Right now the EEP is small, but we believe that the need and the opportunities are huge. Not only can the EEP offer thoughtful, relatively low-cost expertise for Partner Schools and Organizations, but the EEP can also be a wonderful professional development experience for teachers and administrators called on to share their wisdom and experience—not to mention a providing a bit of extra income for the Educator Experts. It’s a feather in anyone’s cap.

The system is simple: A school asks the ICG for an Educator Expert to help with a specific issue. If we have the right person or persons in our database, we midwife the initial contact between school and expert(s). The ICG receives a small “finder’s fee” for making a successful match, and each Educator Expert is paid as a contractor by the school, at a set rate recommended by the ICG; the contracting school also covers Expert expenses.

So, please: If you’re part of a Partner School or Organization or if you are an ICG Individual Partner, nominate your best to be part of the ICG Expert Educator Program database; use the ICG Educator Expert Nomination Form or nominate online HERE.

And if you are a school with a question or challenge that you think someone, somewhere already knows something about, send us an inquiry HERE.

And learn more about the ICG Educator Expert Program on the Services page of our website.

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