The Independent Curriculum Group is led by a committed group of individuals with extensive experience in creating, implementing, and supporting forward-thinking, student-centered learning.
PeterGowPETER GOW, Executive Director

Peter Gow was a founding board member of the Independent Curriculum Group. He has been a teacher, administrator, and college counselor for forty years and is an established writer, presenter, and consultant on education and school topics. His books on education include An Admirable Faculty (NAIS, 2005), The Intentional Teacher (Avocus, 2009) and What Is A School? (Publish Green, 2011). He is also deeply committed to building authentic bonds between the public and private educational sectors and is a founder of the #PubPriBridge movement.

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john_barrengosJohn Barrengos, Treasurer
Director of Admission and Financial Aid
Putney School (VT)
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large_list80340_17192Halsey Bell
Upper School Head
Evergreen School (WA)
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“Reading the ICG’s Principles of Independent Curriculum confirmed my sense that in the ICG I had found my fellow travelers on this journey towards a holistic vision of the future of education.” 

1-liz-newLiz Davis
Assistant Head of School
Synapse School (CA)
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“The ICG enriches my professional learning network with invaluable resources and access to a experienced, knowledgeable, and cutting-edge group of educators.”

Erin Duffyerin_duffy_WEB
Head of School
Seacrest Country Day School (FL)
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“The ICG is a true learning community in which educators and innovators may brainstorm ideas about transformative education for all students.”

Mike GwaltneyMike Gwaltney
Head of Upper School
Rocky Hill School (RI)
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“The ICG leverages a broad network of member schools to support each other in leveraging what makes each of them unique: their mission.”


Margaret Haviland
Assistant Head for Faculty and Program
Westtown School (PA)
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“The ICG provides a needed forum for visionary discussions on creating the educational systems we want in order to produce the graduates society needs.”

Josie-Holford-1317-2015-16_medJosie Holford
Head of School (retired)
Poughkeepsie Day School (NY)
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The ICG provides the support and inspiration schools need to tackle the challenges of educating for the future and not the past.”

Doug Key
Assistant Head of School, Admission and Financial Aid
Bosque School (NM)
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Elise London, ChairElise_London
Associate Director of College Counseling
St. Mark’s School (MA)
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“Independent curriculum allows schools, and teachers, to express the best of what they can do. In turn, it allows students to develop passions and explore ideas that open up the world.”

thumb_user_3344009Thomas Mueller
Assistant Head of School for Academics
Trinity School of Midland (TX)
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“The ICG is a great resource for helping schools and educators to ‘think globally, develop curriculum locally’; an opportunity to share best practices and apply them in the context of each school’s own mission and resources.”

Sean Raymond0fec369
Assistant Head of School
York School (CA)
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“The ICG provides a medium for consideration and construction of truly independent, mission-driven curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment.”


Luthern Williams
Head of School
New Roads School (CA)
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“The Principles of Independent Curriculum are the fertile soil in which learning communities that nourish students can take root and grow.”

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